Dealing With Angry Customers On The Phone

No matter what your service or your products are, you are bound to receive that angry call from one of your customer. It may not entirely be your fault that the customer is very angry but making him or her more angry and irritated that he or she hates your company is entirely up to you. One of the things that make customers mad is not only having bad service but also having no one answer their calls when they need it most.

Callers call you on times when they are free or are in dire need of your service. Although lots of calls are made during office hours, there are still some who need to call you even after office hours. When angry customers are answered by voicemail, they become even more furious. This is also true when they are put on hold for a long period because there is a long cue for your agent. CMS after-hours call service 2015 can help you in instances like these. They are able to provide a human to receive the calls no matter what time it is. All of their agents are also trained to handle angry customers.

In case it was you who answered the phone when a screaming and angry customer calls, do you know what to do? You can’t just hang up the phone because that will make the person on the other end of the line more furious at you and your company. Here are some tips on how to help you handle that call by yourself.

  • Relax and stay calm – The last thing you want to do is to be furious at the angry customer. Although the other caller tends to be disrespectful because of all the shouting and swearing, you shouldn’t take it personally and just calm down. When you are calm, the other caller will tend to be calm too.
  • Be understanding – If you put yourself in your caller’s shoes, do you think you would be upset too? Try to view the problem in the caller’s perspective so that you can really try your best to find out how to fix or his problem. You should also try to think on how you want to be answered in case you are in the caller’s shoes. Maintaining a low and calm voice helps you sound more respectful.
  • Smile while talking – Smiles can’t be seen through the phone but they can be heard with your voice. Smiling also helps you to be happier so that you won’t burst out in anger too when an angry caller is on the other line. A smile will helps you sound friendlier and it builds trust that you will do your best to try to do something about their problem immediately.
  • Learn to listen – Listening means that you understand what your callers are trying to tell you. Sometimes callers can’t really describe their problem in detail. You have to listen to them then ask questions to verify what problem they have or what they want from you.

How Does A Call Sheet Software Help In Filming Movies?

Do you ever wonder how to maximize the funds in making a movie? Do you get actors who don’t ask that much? Or maybe, you cut the special effects budget? Both of these options could help get the most of your fund, but you have to remember that these things will also give you a negative backlash. One of the best ways how to maximize the film production fund is by planning each day ahead. This will help maximize the location, not to mention the time that you are going to use in order to stay in that particular place.

What makes call sheet useful?

Call sheet is a piece of paper used by assistant directors in order to give you an idea what are the activities to be done for a particular day. This becomes handy for both crew and actors. For the actors, they rely on the call sheet in order to know which parts should they prepare for. Should they be preparing for the most crucial scenes? Or does it involve a huge chunk of script from their character?

This is where call sheet templates enter the picture. You have a great number of call sheet templates out there. If you’ll ask the assistant directors, what the recommended call sheet template is, they’d probably tell you the same things in terms of content.

Among the things you’ll see include the date. This way, the crew will know exactly when the scene is going to be shot. Also, they’ll be able to prepare the tools and equipment needed for the job. Also, you will commonly see the contact information of every crew member, not to mention the actors who are needed for that particular day.

Because of this, there are now software products available which allows the assistant directors to have an easier time preparing the call sheet. When using a software, this could also have its perks. For instance, you no longer have to manually prepare everything. You could already have a template which you only need to fill out. Among the things that will be present in the template include the schedule for the day, the notes that they need to know, the location, and other important details in a call sheet.

How modern call sheets prevent problems

Is there any reason why you would want to jump towards automated call sheets? If you will look at the most common problems during shooting of films, you’ll notice that there are times when they need to extend their days of stay in a particular location in order to just make up for the delays.

What makes the delays? There are many factors that would cause the delays. For instance, you have the emails that have been placed on spam folder. This could be a huge problem considering just how many individuals are going to be affected by this. With the help of a software, you could now determine who opened their email. And since you could monitor who opened their email or not, this could decrease the need for micromanagement. You could simply focus on the task ahead.

Types Of Business Cards

A business card is undoubtedly an integral and important part of a powerful and effective marketing strategy and campaigns. Even though it is small in size and costs very low, it does represent you professionally in your business world. The card wouldn’t be like a CV or a resume but does give a general idea as to who you are and what you are capable of in your chosen field. The impression made by business card is remarkable- almost like the dress or suit you are wearing.

There are several designs and styles available in business card making. You need to figure out what suits you the best and what would actually go with the image of the firm you represent. As a very simple example, you can take a corporate lawyer. Such a person if chooses a business card, would not include flowers or cartoons in his business cards, neither would the card be very flashy. The card style will be bold and direct, just like his chosen line of business or work.

For the best business card that suits you, you need to go through all the possible designs and styles in store and see what would fulfil your requirements. These are very common styles of business cards options that are found:

Picture cards

Having a cut of your face or any important related picture on the card irrespective of what the image is helps the client or the party to remember you when they see you or meet you the next time. A logo or an image of the product or benefit provided by your service or company can also convey a lot, much better than words.

Basic cards

Basic cards are usually printed on plain white or cream stock in black ink. This is the style one goes for when they only mean business with no beating around the bush. The no nonsense approach offered by such a card is appreciated by the clients who are not pleased to see fancy designs and are more into the quality and simplicity. Simple and highly effective, indeed.

Tactile cards

Sometimes, the business parties go for the texture and feel of the card rather than the matter and its design. This is where tactile cards come into play. They are made of non conventional material which could be a totally different graded stock or even metal and plastic. It costs more but when it gives you the extra edge to be remembered, it is totally worth all the money.

Multipurpose cards

Well, how about moving on to the next stage and provide more than just the name and address? This is possible as you might give the card as a discount coupon, a remembrall or you might get a map printed behind it to show the location of your operations or work.

Original design

If you are not much impressed by the designs that are shown to you, you can opt for a custom made one, which would be highly creative and show a totally out of the box thinking. Such cards are brilliant and make an amazing impression on the clients.

Design and Functionality: Your Online Business Relies On It

Designing your website could be a lot of fun, especially you’re the one doing it. Aside from hiring a web developer or a designer to do the job, still it doesn’t suit what is on your mind. The exact way to learn about it is to do it by yourself. The more it hits you idea, the better. But what about functionality? You may forget about it but this is where things take a lot of turn.

A lot of designers mistaken by putting a lot of images and leading them to nowhere at all. Images that are displayed without purpose should be discarded in order to help boost your site’s performance. This can greatly affect you site’s loading speed especially if that image has a large size of bandwidth. Unwanted links should also be discarded, this will definitely lead visitors to nowhere and might leave your site in the dark.

Try to optimize you offpage and onpage, this can boost your rankings depending on what kind of topic you are targeting to rank for. This stuff is related much to SEO, but it’s functionality will give you a great deal of help. Having links that lead to other pages on your site is quite useful as well. This helps your visitor busy on navigating the internal links on your site. For more info, you can watch the video below. Enjoy!