Design and Functionality: Your Online Business Relies On It

Designing your website could be a lot of fun, especially you’re the one doing it. Aside from hiring a web developer or a designer to do the job, still it doesn’t suit what is on your mind. The exact way to learn about it is to do it by yourself. The more it hits you idea, the better. But what about functionality? You may forget about it but this is where things take a lot of turn.

A lot of designers mistaken by putting a lot of images and leading them to nowhere at all. Images that are displayed without purpose should be discarded in order to help boost your site’s performance. This can greatly affect you site’s loading speed especially if that image has a large size of bandwidth. Unwanted links should also be discarded, this will definitely lead visitors to nowhere and might leave your site in the dark.

Try to optimize you offpage and onpage, this can boost your rankings depending on what kind of topic you are targeting to rank for. This stuff is related much to SEO, but it’s functionality will give you a great deal of help. Having links that lead to other pages on your site is quite useful as well. This helps your visitor busy on navigating the internal links on your site. For more info, you can watch the video below. Enjoy!